Copeland Compressors

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Copeland Model 4R, 4D

Remanufactured Copeland Model 4R, 4D

Copeland Model 6R, 6D

Remanufactured Copeland Model 6R, 6D

Copeland Model 8D & 8R

Remanufactured Copeland Model 8D, iR

Other Copeland Models

Other Remanufactured Copeland Models

American Hermetics remanufactures and offers Copeland Compressors because Copeland Compressors has been offering high quality, reliable compressors since the 1920's. All of the compressors sold by American Hermetics have been remanufactured in the United States and are available for shipment worldwide.

All of the units remanufactured by American Hermetics are load tested on our R22 Test Chiller to each one's unique specifications. Each component part is measured to specification and tested before shipment.

For more information or to order one of our compressors contact us at 800-240-9200 24 hours a day.

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