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Our Remanufacturing Process - The American Hermetics Way

Each component part is measured to Specification

We start by completely disassembling the compressor down to the smallest components. Each part is closely examined and any damaged part is discarded immediately. Critical high wear parts (marked in red in the picture) are always discarded and replaced: 1. Bearings 2. Piston rings 3. Suctions valves 4. Discharge valves 6. Snap rings 8. Terminal insulators.

Other component parts (marked in blue in the picture) are cleaned and measured to specifications before assembly: 5. Oil pickup screen 9. Case, Cylinder heads, bottom pan, End bell 12. Crankshaft 13. Piston 14. Wrist pins 15. Rods 16. Valve plate 17. Oil pump.

The motor is either replaced with a new A.O. Smith motor/rotor, rewound or prequalified.  All motors are cleaned, baked and tested for opens, shorts, insulation breakdown (hi pot), resistance & surge.  All test exceed NEMA standards.

Each compressor is then tested on a unique R-22 refrigerant test chiller that enables us to evaluate compressor under actual load conditions in which we are able to obtain head pressure, suction pressure, oil pressure, amps, set unloaders, and on pump down: test valves, high pressure relief, and gaskets. We test at an extended period because compressors are operating within the refrigeration cycle. All data is recorded and available for your review upon request.  

Final Test For Storage

After the chiller test, the compressor is then: evacuated to 500 microns, charged with dry nitrogen, leak tested, painted and put on shelf ready for immediate delivery to your jobsite.

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